BCI Delivers High-Quality Research, Data, and Analysis

  • Keep informed of critical trade and market developments
  • Put data to work, with little effort and no errors
  • Obtain directly relevant intelligence, not generic or unfiltered information

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Be Aware, Informed, and Prepared for New and Changing Regulations

BCI actively monitors over 500 primary sources in 70+ countries to provide focused weekly intelligence on your choice of:

  • Food labeling, including front-of-pack nutrition labeling
  • Food standards, both horizontal and product-specific
  • Sustainable packaging, such as single-use plastic limitations, recycled content, recyclability, and labeling requirements
  • Extended producer responsibility
  • Food contact materials
  • Tariff rate changes and market access developments

Our analysts provide clear, concise reporting of developments and their applicability to your products, markets, and priority issues. Replace the avalanche of regulatory agency emails and time consuming web searches with one efficient and effective weekly read.

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  • BCI Sustainable Packaging Monitor
  • BCI Food Labeling Monitor
  • BCI Monitor for Agricultural Products
  • BCI Monitor for Global Foodservice
  • Options to Customize Your Own BCI Monitor

Dashboards to Manage Data and Leverage Insights

BCI data dashboards are custom designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our skilled analysts bring together your external and internal data sets to deliver the insights needed for sound market assessment, opportunity and threat analysis, and strategic decision making. Data displays are tailored for efficient use and clear reports. Choose an interactive online dashboard to easily share insights, or an Excel dashboard for a secure data tool. Free your staff to do what they are best at – BCI will deliver the usable data and clear insights they need.

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Market & Competitive Analysis

BCI provides the market intelligence and analysis needed to select new markets and to develop market strategies in current or potential markets. BCI’s market studies assess market dynamics and trade flows, competing local production and imports, as well as technical market access and compliance issues. For agricultural exporters, BCI’s competitor production studies provide a clear understanding of the productive capacity and distribution and export trends of key competitors in the global marketplace.

Customized Resource Center for Regulatory Intelligence

BCI builds customized databases of regulatory information specific to your products and your key markets. The user-friendly online database is your Customized Resource Center – a one-stop resource for all your staff. Information included in them may include tariffs and quotas, sanitary/phytosanitary requirements, microbiological testing standards, documentation requirements, food product standards, product labeling, packaging requirements for food safety and sustainability, a proprietary document library, or competitive intelligence.

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Program Evaluations & Strategic Planning

BCI provides objective, external assessments of an organization’s export promotion and market development activity. Our professional staff examines program performance against previously determined key performance indicators, and evaluates the quality of the performance metrics. We assess the effect of the program activities, using qualitative in-country interviews with stakeholders and program targets. The evaluation identifies where an organization is meeting its market development objectives and where it is not, and recommends ways to address weaknesses and strengthen impact.

BCI can expand an evaluation into a strategic planning exercise. Each effort is tailored to meet the needs and culture of the organization, and can involve strategic analysis, developing discussion materials, facilitating strategic planning sessions, or developing recommended strategies.