Don’t let unfair trade barriers and regulations restrict your exports

  • Opening new markets and improving access to existing markets around the world
  • Eliminating unfair trade barriers and high tariffs
  • Providing guidance and technical support to help clients navigate export market regulations

Expand and protect your global access with BCI's Customized MRL Analysis.

Take advantage of BCI's expertise to maintain and open access to critical markets.

Market Access (Tariffs and Non-Tariff Trade Barriers)

Opening New Markets & Eliminating Phytosanitary Barriers

BCI has over three decades of experience opening foreign markets for clients and making sure that these markets stay open. We work with US and foreign governments to address legitimate pest and disease concerns, negotiate commercially viable import requirements, and challenge protectionist policies.

Reducing Tariffs

BCI leverages opportunities to lower tariffs for our clients’ products. We work directly with US government negotiators to secure tariff reductions in formal US trade agreements. We also engage with US and foreign governments, in-country partners, and other stakeholders to pursue ad hoc tariff reduction opportunities in export markets.

Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)

Our work on international pesticide maximum residue level (MRL) issues is unparalleled. BCI tracks international MRL changes daily to inform exporters of upcoming changes that may impact their products. We know pesticide MRLs and provide the following services.

MRL Advisor

BCI’s MRL Advisor service summarizes the need-to-know MRL regulatory changes in over 60 markets. The MRL Advisor draws on extensive daily monitoring of MRL changes in international markets and provides clear, concise, and actionable recommendations.

Harmonizing Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)

We manage major foreign regulatory MRL transitions, seek needed MRLs in export markets, and assist if there is a residue violation on a shipment.

EU Pesticide and MRL Reviews

The EU’s pesticide and MRL policies present some of the most challenging issues in the international MRL space.  The EU's pesticide and MRL policies are complex, conservative, and result in many EU MRLs being reduced. BCI informs clients of coming EU MRL changes so they can challenge problematic adjustments and make informed decisions to mitigate risk.

Customized MRL Analysis

BCI’s Customized MRL Analysis is a specifically created, easy-to-access annual or biannual report that provides clients and their stakeholders with detailed analysis on established and pending international MRLs in any target market. The report is tailored to client needs and can provide key information, such as active ingredient trade names, mode of action, usage, residues, priority level, and whether the substance is included in a foreign market’s monitoring program. Delivered in a spreadsheet or Word document, our service allows clients to have all of the relevant MRL information needed in one document in an easy-to-understand format.

Valent has been extremely pleased with the service and professionalism received from BCI in connection with our ongoing need for agricultural production and trade data to support MRL and business strategy.

—Dan Fay, Technology Operations Manager, Valent USA Corp.

International Food and Agriculture Regulation Monitoring

BCI follows numerous sources from WTO regulatory announcements to USDA GAIN reports to ensure our clients know about potential changes in import regulations well before implementation. Be it new labeling or documentation requirements, or new ingredient or biotechnology standards, BCI ensures our clients are informed of changes early so decisions can be made on how to address.