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BCI data dashboards are custom designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our skilled analysts bring together data from external and internal sources that deliver your team insights needed for market assessment, opportunity and threat analysis and strategic decision making. Data display can be tailored for efficient use and clear reports. Choose an interactive online dashboard to share insights with stakeholders – or an Excel dashboard for a secure data tool that can be further leveraged by internal users. Keep your staff focused on the bigger picture. BCI will take care of the data insights they need

  • Tailored to your needs - Custom designed to calculate and present the indicators, performance metrics, and trends you need
  • Accurate and up-to-date insights - Sound data methodology is built in, and timely data updates ensure insights stay current
  • Unlock better insights by letting all your data work together - BCI data analysts bridge the mismatches that keep data siloed, bringing together data from multiple external sources as well as internal data sets that may be underused
  • Share the wealth of knowledge - Choose an online dashboard to share the insights widely with global staff and stakeholders, or choose an Excel document to empower your secure internal data users
  • Improve organizational efficiency - Let your staff do what they do best, while BCI expertly and efficiently does the data legwork

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