Global Access

Opening new markets and improving your access to existing markets around the world.

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Get market intelligence, compliance requirements, data analysis, and consulting tailored to your needs.

Market Development

Implement global marketing campaigns to increase your food, beverage, and agricultural export sales.

About BCI

Celebrating 30 years

For over 30 years, our priority continues to be the people and companies we work with. We are results-focused and embrace each one of our clients' challenges. Innovation is never easy, but going the extra mile always pays off.

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"For over two decades, the US potato industry has turned to Bryant Christie Inc. to assist with our international market access issues. US potato farmers can now sell their potatoes in numerous new markets...“

– John Toaspern, former CMO, Potatoes USA

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Alicia Adler Leads the Hop Industry Hill Climb

Mar 21, 2024
Company News

Matt Lantz meets with USDA Bangkok to talk market access issues

Mar 21, 2024