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Starting at $8,000, BCI’s Customized MRL Analysis is specifically tailored to produce an easy-to-access and concise report on international MRLs affecting agricultural exporters and industry associations. Our analysts work directly with your team to tailor the report to suit your needs. Let BCI’s analysis provide you the information you need to navigate MRL requirements of your key export markets.

  • Active ingredients – trade names, pesticide classifications, mode of action classifications, and priority levels (as identified by the client).
  • Foreign country testing lists – markets in which certain active ingredients are tested for upon arrival (please note this information is not available for all markets).
  • Usage and residue data – we use this data to inform our analysis and provide above-MRL possibilities in key markets (as available or provided by the client).
  • MRLs – established and pending MRLs in selected key markets.

Depending on your needs, the report is delivered annually or bi-annually in either a spreadsheet or PDF format. Please click here to see a sample of BCI’s Customized MRL Analysis.

If you are interested in following general MRL policies and trends, please subscribe to BCI’s free newsletter and review the Global Insights section of our website, where we frequently publish articles on MRL issues. If you are interested in the Global MRL Database, please find it here.

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