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Upcoming Webinar on EU Pesticide Policies Impact on U.S. Exports

Will Changes in European Union Pesticide Policies Impact Your Business? What Every Ag Exporter Should Know

Bryant Christie Inc. to Hold Free Webinar on Pesticide Policies in the European Union that Affect Exporters of Agricultural Products

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April 13, 2023

Bryant Christie Inc. (BCI), a provider of global market solutions for food, beverage, and agribusiness is offering critically important information on new regulatory policies within the European Union to international companies that export agricultural products to EU member countries -- or who hope to in the future.

BCI will host a free webinar May 3 at 10 a.m. PDT titled “Will Changes in European Pesticide Policies Impact Your Business? What Every Ag Exporter Should Know.” The webinar will feature experts in international ag trade who will provide insights into current and upcoming EU pesticide and MRL policies and their likely impact on agribusinesses around the world.

Presenters include Sabina Neumann, senior trade advisor with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service along with Alinne Oliveira, deputy director, and Cienna Reed, trade policy analyst, both members of BCI’s Global Access Business Unit. Participants will be able to ask questions of presenters. To register, please visit link.

“The EU is a prime example of an important export market where changing pesticide and maximum residue level (MRL) policies will impact agricultural, food, and beverage exporters,” said Matt Lantz, who heads BCI’s Global Access Business Unit, which provides unparalleled expertise in navigating restrictive trade barriers, particularly those involving pesticide MRLs.

“One of BCI’s core services is to ensure our clients stay informed about regulatory changes and international trade developments that affect their export sales,” said Lantz. “The EU is one of the world’s largest importers of agricultural products, importing over $121 billion from countries around the world in 2021. But current pesticide policy and upcoming changes in the Farm to Fork Strategy will present challenges for those exporting to this market.”

For the past few weeks, BCI’s has shared a series of articles on its website to provide background about the new EU policies. The EU Insights article series explores the changes and addresses key aspects of the EU’s pesticide policy that are likely to impact pesticide use, MRLs, and international trade. Articles from the series are posted on BCI’s website here and are available to any interested party.

BCI is well-known in international agricultural trade circles for its expertise in trade policy, market access, export assistance grant programs, research, and other services that facilitate export sales on behalf of its clients.

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