Insights: Case Studies

United Soybean Board Program Evaluation

The Challenge

USB was particularly interested in determining the return on investment from their years of work in that region. BCI reviewed five years of recent activity to determine whether programs in the region were appropriately designed to address market obstacles and to pursue growth opportunities. BCI’s analysis answered these questions for the USB and provided numerous recommendations for program improvement, including the design of more specific metrics to evaluate future efforts.

BCI has really helped our organization evaluate the effectiveness of activities we support around the world.


Our Solution

In 2010, USB again contracted with BCI to evaluate the organization’s market development efforts; this time in Latin America. Through market visits and interviews with program target audiences and stakeholders, BCI was able to identify effective USB initiatives and pinpoint areas where adjustment was warranted. A common finding among BCI’s recommendations: both regions revealed a need for improved KPIs and a means to better communicate results to stakeholders.

USB looked to BCI for a solution. In 2011, the USB asked BCI to help develop stronger KPIs for USB’s international efforts. That process continues. As part of the initiative, BCI also created and presented a model for ongoing evaluations of the organization’s market development efforts around the world and an online reporting tool that will facilitate better communication and reporting. Both suggestions met the organization’s needs and, in 2012, BCI was retained to implement the evaluation model and build the reporting tool.

Said Dean Barefield, USSEC’s Strategy and Evaluation Analyst, “BCI has really helped our organization evaluate the effectiveness of activities we support around the world. Their recommendations have enabled program improvements and their emphasis on strengthening key performance indicators will pay dividends in the years to come.”

Ongoing Success

The full benefit of BCI’s work will unfold over time. Tools and recommendations offered by BCI are still being implemented. However, USB believes it is on the right track. In fact, the organization plans to adopt similar changes to its domestic marketing programs.