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Shelby Sackett Presents at Global Trade Symposium

BCI's Shelby Sackett attended the New York Produce Show & Conference where she presented at the Global Trade Symposium.

her presentation, Shelby addressed the opportunities—such as the ease of COVID-19 challenges, new emerging markets, and promotional opportunities with global retailers. Simultaneously, she addressed the challenges—highlighting the lack of new trade deals, phytosanitary, sanitary, and MRL barriers, and growing competition faced by U.S. agricultural exports. The audience was mainly comprised of port authority representatives, U.S. and international agricultural growers and shippers, as well as professors and students from local universities.

This year’s Global Trade Symposium gave an intensive look into today's global trade environment and a crystal ball into what we can expect in the future. The symposium featured industry-leading panel discussions exploring new ideas and thought leadership that will help us build a stronger global supply chain in the future.