Insights: Case Studies

Securing Grant Funds for U.S. Agriculture

The Challenge

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers several grant programs administered through the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), and Office of Rural Development. However, the complexities and nuances of applying for USDA export market development grant funding are intimidating. 

Our Solution

Given BCI’s deep experience and success in submitting these applications over the past 30 years, clients leverage our support to navigate the requirements and draft compelling proposals that justify funding for their industries. Below details successes by grant program over the last 30 years.

Note: Estimated figures are used for grant awards.

Market Access Program (MAP)

The most competitive grant program offered by USDA FAS is the Market Access Program (MAP) which finances activities to develop export markets for U.S. agricultural commodities and products around the world. BCI has pursued MAP funds for Cooperator groups representing horticultural and processed products for 20 years, securing over $20 million annually from the program for our clients.

On behalf of our clients, BCI leads export programs funded by MAP throughout Asia, Africa, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America.

Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops (TASC)

The Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops (TASC) Program is offered by USDA FAS to address sanitary, phytosanitary, and technical barriers to trade facing U.S. specialty crops. Over the past 15 years, BCI has secured over $5 million to help U.S. cooperators address trade barriers in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Value-Added Producer Grant (VAPG)

The Value-Added Producer Grant (VAPG) is offered by the USDA’s Office of Rural Development to help agricultural producers with value-added activities to generate new products, create and expand marketing opportunities, and increase producer income. BCI has helped many farmer cooperatives, private companies, and trade associations in the horticultural, seafood, and processed product sectors in Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and California secure $3.5 million over the past 15 years.

Emerging Markets Program (EMP)

A smaller program administered by USDA FAS, the Emerging Markets Program (EMP) provides technical assistance to promote U.S. agricultural exports to eligible emerging markets worldwide. BCI has secured over $2 million for various industries to develop new markets in China, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Eastern Europe, and more.

Quality Samples Program (QSP)

The USDA FAS Quality Samples Program (QSP) provides U.S. cooperators with a unique opportunity to ship small samples of their agricultural products to potential customers overseas. BCI has secured over $500,000 in QSP funds for Cooperator groups over the past 10 years. Our team of Market Development experts not only secured funds, but also facilitated successful shipments to Europe and Asia.

Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP)

The Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) is offered by USDA AMS to enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops in a variety of ways. Projects funded by the program range from market development to technical research and food safety. BCI has worked with a variety of trade association clients from Washington, Oregon, and California to secure over $3 million over the past 15 years.

Cochran Fellowship Program

BCI has been awarded many projects from the Cochran Fellowship Program to serve as lead host and educator for Fellows traveling to the United States from Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. BCI has secured nearly $800,000 in funding from this program over the years to promote U.S. seafood, nuts, dairy, ingredients, and other processed products.

Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP)

Developing new export markets is a top priority for USDA, and in 2019 the Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP) was offered to U.S. cooperators to expand the competitiveness of U.S. agricultural products in new and emerging markets. BCI partnered with 15 clients to submit applications for the ATP program. These clients were awarded $36 million for new programs in Asia, Africa, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America.