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Matt Lantz Talks Plant Health and Food Sources in Tokyo

Matt Lantz Attends Japanese Plant Health Negotiations in Tokyo

During the week of September 24, BCI’s Vice President for Global Access Matt Lantz traveled to Tokyo to participate in the US-Japan bilateral plant health talks. Matt was there with National Potato Council CEO Kam Quarles to work with USDA’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) on market access for U.S. fresh potatoes to Japan. This request is over 30 years old. In May, over 30 members of Congress wrote to the US Secretary of Agriculture seeking progress on this issue. Although there was significant engagement during the meeting, a timeline for completion of the technical review was not established. Additional efforts will be needed to resolve this issue in the coming year.

Matt Lantz Dines at Nobu Restaurant in Tokyo and meets Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

During their meetings in Tokyo for the US-Japan bilateral plant health talks, BCI Vice President for Global Access Matt Lantz and National Potato Council CEO dined at the famous Nobu Restaurant in Tokyo. Nobu restaurants combine Japanese and Peruvian cuisines and are world famous (and notoriously difficult to get into). While at the restaurant, Chef Nobu himself was present and joined Matt and Kam at their table to discuss food sources in Japan.