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Matt Lantz Moderates Panel on MRLs at Potato Expo

On January 5, Matt Lantz, BCI’s Vice President for Global Access, moderated a panel on pesticide Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) at the Potato Expo in Denver, Colorado. Entitled, “The Driest Issue that can Ruin Your Day, How the US Potato Industry Addresses MRLs,” the panel included a potato farmer, a frozen fry processor, and a pesticide registrant, each giving their perspective on challenges differing international MRLs present.

The grower talked about frustrating with not being able to use a product approved for potatoes domestically but without an international standard. The processor stressed the importance of knowing what those standards are, while the registrant explained the work that goes into seeking foreign standards. Together, the panel discussed the strides the US potato industry has made in addressing this challenging issue.

Bryant Christie Inc. assists the potato industry and others in addressing the international MRL issue.