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Dr. Julie Cerenzia Presents at the Annual Washington Hop Industry Meeting

BCI Director for Research and Information Services Julie Cerenzia (virtually) joined the Washington Hop industry’s annual meeting on January 5th to present a recent data analysis on the potential trade impact of European Union plant protection regulations.

The BCI analysis, conducted in 2021 under contract to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, examined the regulations that have greatly increased EU stringency in regards to pesticide residues and their potential trade impacts on the global supply of agricultural products to the EU. Given the importance of the EU market for U.S. hops – and the importance of U.S. hops for European brewers! – the industry is actively monitoring EU policies that could limit the ability to use important crop protection products as part of a successful integrated pest management system. BCI’s analysis brought together MRL data and trade data to shed light on the commodities and exporting countries for which there is a potential trade impact.