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BCI Attends Bar Convent Berlin 2023 – International Bar and Beverage Tradeshow

Julie Cerenzia and Jack Downey attended the Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) 2023 trade show to conduct interview research targeting distilled spirits importers and distributors, as well as U.S. spirits producers. With record-high attendance levels and a global presence beyond Europe and the U.K. at the show, BCI conducted large number of interviews in a short period of time, gathering key insights to inform BCI’s independent third-party evaluation of Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. (DISCUS) programs.

BCI has conducted many independent program evaluations of export promotion programs that are implemented by U.S. commodity organizations and supported through USDA grants or commodity check-off funds. Interview research is often a key part of our evaluations, providing important qualitative feedback that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these important programs for U.S. producers.