BCI & AFFI Partnership

Bryant Christie Inc. (BCI) has been providing regulatory intelligence to the frozen foods industry for many years. We are now pleased to partner with the American Frozen Food Institute in the AFFI Member Savings Program to provide these services to you at a discounted rate.

BCI offers the following products that provide information critical to global trade issues saving you time, reducing your staffing needs and improving compliance.

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BCI Monitor

A weekly report alerting you to critical regulatory developments around the world specific to frozen food products. Choose a BCI Monitor focused on Packaging Sustainability topics or Food Labeling requirements, or have us monitor for a wide range of regulatory topics with a Customized Monitor that is scoped to your specific needs. Each issue:

  • Summarizes requirements that have been proposed, adopted, or entered into force
  • Highlights the specific provisions that impact your products and your markets
  • Flags public comment opportunities
  • Links you directly to the primary source documents you need

BCI Packaging/Sustainability Monitor

Regulations that concern packaging and sustainability are emerging in markets around the world and are quickly shaping your international customers’ buying decisions. This new report will provide early warning on emerging restrictions for:

  • Packaging materials
  • Markings and labeling for recycling or disposal
  • Sustainability policies around the globe

BCI Food Labeling Monitor

This report enables you to prepare for changes in labeling requirements, so your company has time to act early and avoid costs and risk of last-minute compliance. This report will:

  • Keep you fully informed of labeling requirements
  • Surface the small details that can make a big difference
  • Flag potential changes early

BCI Customized Monitor

BCI can create a customized Monitor for your company on a full scope of international regulatory and trade policy topics providing you with preliminary analysis of implications for your business. Information can include labeling, packaging, food standards, tariff rates and market access issues, among others. The content is fully customized for:

  • Your key issues
  • Your priority markets
  • Your specific product lines

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Customized Resource Center (CRC)

Take things to the next level and let BCI create for your business a one-stop resource with an unlimited number of licenses. This tool provides comprehensive and up-to-date regulatory information, tailored to your specific needs, and puts it into the hands of all staff members who have a compliance role.

BCI’s expert analysts actively work with you to ensure your CRC covers your markets, products, and priority regulatory topics. Then we build and maintain a user-friendly database that provides easy access to everything from high-level horizontal regulations to product-specific standards of identity or test methods. This powerful tool:

  • Reduces non-compliance risk
  • Improves efficiency
  • Coordinates compliance information for all your business operations from sourcing of ingredients and packaging to product formulation and label design
  • Facilitates strategic leadership for your business’s market access and sustainability goals

AFFI Members receive a 10% discount on these products!

Request a sample BCI Monitor and set up a live, virtual Customized Resource Center demonstration to learn more about BCI and our reputation for quality, integrity, collaboration, and integrity.